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Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Two Rivers and Four Lakes

The Two Rivers refers to the Li and Peach Blossom (Taohua) River (a tributary of the Li River). The Four Lakes are as followed: Fir Lake (Shanhu), Banyan Lake (Ronghu), Osmanthus Lake (Guihu), and Wood Dragon Lake (Mulong hu). The two rivers and four lakes are all connected forming a spectacular water ring around downtown Guilin.

The project of connecting the rivers and lakes launched in 1998 by the Municipal People’s Government of Guilin and was completed in 2002. Water was drawn from the rivers into the lakes, bridges were built, and lights were added at night, and so on. This project has not only improved the water system of Guilin, but also enhanced the ecological environment in the downtown area. If you take a cruise to tour the two rivers and four lakes you will find the recreational landscape pleasurable and exciting, especially at night, with the decoration of lights in various colors.

The water of the two rivers and four lakes are clean and clear despite they’re being located downtown. The areas surrounding the lakes are beautiful and quiet. They include open gardens and parks in Guilin.

Tourists are sometimes offered a day or night tour by cruise. While on a comfortable cruise tourists cannot help but enjoy the waters of the two rivers and four lakes, and appreciate the famous hills along the water system. These hills include the following: the Elephant Trunk Hill, FuBo Hill, BaoJi Hill, Chuan Hill and the Sun-and-Moon Pagoda which look fantastic at night.

The clear water, naturally beautiful hills, and architecture are in such harmony that you may wonder whether you’re in a dream or reality.