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Shopping in Chengdu

Shopping in Chengdu

You won’t be disappointed by shopping in Chengdu since there are a number of specialty stores to choose from.

When it comes to shopping, the Shu brocade, one of the four most famous brocades in China and the Shu embroidery, one of the four most famous embroideries in China are good choices for you. There are various styles and they’re excellent in quality. The bamboo-woven items broaden your horizon. You can never resist the temptation of bamboo-woven vases, coffee set, flower containers and bowls. The silver handcrafts and silk blankets are so exquisite and beautiful that does not fail to attract. You can choose from various tapestries and carpets. What’s more, there are also the Quanxing wines that have a high reputation around the country. One thing that shouldn’t miss is the Pixian soy bean paste, which is an indispensable seasoning in the Sichuan cuisine.

Most of the shopping malls in Chengdu are on Chunxi Road, Zongfu Road and Luoma Market. All types of souvenirs are available in department stores, supermarkets and the small stands.

The People’s Market

The People’s Market are located in Yanshikou, which is the busiest commercial area in Chengdu. It’s a time-honored and famous market for shopping. Generally, travelers tend to pay a visit to the People’s Market. You can take the No.55 bus and get off at the stop of People’s Market.

The Shopping Mall of Sichuan Specialties

The shopping mall of Sichuan specialties are located in Yusha Road 10 of the Xinhua Main Street, which is located at the juncture of Xinhua Main Street and Hongxing Road. It is ten minutes walk from Chunxi Road. Moreover, it’s the largest-scale shopping mall providing the most various products with reasonable prices. There are hundreds of products, varying from handcrafts to specialties and delicacies from all over Sichuan. All the local specialties are available there.

Moore Parkson Shopping Center

Moore Parkson Shopping Center is situated in Tianfu Square. Next to the Chengdu Department Store, is a comprehensive shopping mall where medium and high-grade clothes, shoes, goods for recreation and cosmetics are available.

Wangfujing Shopping Center

Located in Zongfu Road and next to Chunxi Road, Wangfujing Shopping Center is a comprehensive shopping mall for recreation and delicacies. You can take the No.28 or No.6 bus to get there.

Ito Yokado

Located in Chunxi Road, Ito Yokado is a supermarket owned by the Japanese. It’s quite popular in Chengdu. You can take the No.6, No.28 or No.55 bus to get there.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is a super-shopping mall with numerous stores and continuous amounts of people there. It’s a place where recreation, shopping activities and the local delicacies are available. In the middle of Chunxi Road stands the Sun Yat-sen Square, where there is a large-scale water curtain, coffee shops and teahouses. When you’re shopping, you can also experience the leisure lifestyle.

Pacific Department Store

There are two branches of the Pacific Department Store including the Quanxing branch (in Luoma Market) and the Chunxi branch (in the Chunxi Road). It features expensive high-grade clothes, cosmetics and jewelries.

Renhe Spring Department Store

Located in Zongfu Road and next to the local art palace, Renhe Spring Department Store is characterized by high-grade clothes, jewelries and cosmetics. It’s a distributing center for high-grade products.