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Tang Dynasty Show

Tang Dynasty Show

In 1988, the Tang Le Gong (táng lè gōng) in Xi’an is the first theater and restaurant from the Tang Dynasty with dancing shows that at an international level in China. Since its establishment, it has received 5.2 million visitors domestically and abroad, with an annual reception of guests reaching 300,000. It has become a famous brand among tourists in Xi’an. 

By taking advantage of the historical and cultural resources of Xi’an, Tang Le Gong highlights the Tang Dynasty dancing shows and court banquet accompanied by Tang Dynasty music. Tang Dynasty dance and music have not only inherited the songs and dances of the Tang Dynasty but also absorbed the exotic culture along Silk Road.

Tang Dynasty dances of Emperor Qing Conquering the Battle array, Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers Dance, Long Live Dance, and “Ta ge” (beating time to a song with the feet) and so on. These all present the flourishing era of Tang Dynasty where people lived a happy and comfortable life, and society was peaceful and prosperous. The Tang music and dance symbolize the glory of Chinese civilization in the Tang Dynasty.

The restaurant inside Tang Le Gong boasts an impressive list of court dishes. You will also enjoy the Tang music while dining. Tang Le Gong can house 600 hundred guests at a time during the Tang Dynasty dancing shows and enjoy court dishes simultaneously. Its wonderful performances, delicious court food, and attentive service have attracted many dignitaries and