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Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet travel permit

What is a Tibet Travel Permit?

A Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is a permit to enter Tibet. Given the limited tourism carrying capacity and traffic conditions in Tibet, the Chinese government requires that citizens who do not have Chinese ID cards must apply for TTPs issued by the Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region when entering Tibet, in order to preserve local unique traditions, cultural relics and ecological systems.

Who should apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

Citizens who do not hold Chinese ID cards, including visitors from Taiwan and foreign passport holders.

Overseas Chinese who have no Chinese passports should also apply for a TTP.

Note: The restriction that Hong Kong and Macau travelers should apply for TTPs when visiting Tibet has been lifted. Hong Kong and Macau travelers who hold Chinese SAR passports, Return Home Permits or Exit-Entry Permits for Travelling to the Mainland may visit Tibet without having to apply for TTPs.

Foreign visitor conditions

China National Tourism Administration requires that foreigners, Taiwan visitors and overseas Chinese (with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau settlers holding Chinese SAR Passports or Home Return Permits) should not travel alone during their stay in Tibet. They are required to travel in an organized tour group regardless of the number of the group.

Foreigners in an organized tour group shall entrust their travel agencies to apply to the Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region or its representative offices elsewhere for TTPs.

Overseas individual travelers holding TTPs can be allowed to visit Tibet in a tour group organized by travel agencies and they should always have the company of their tour guides wherever they go. Traveling alone without tour guides is not allowed. Travelers not included in a tour group organized by travel agencies are not allowed to apply for TTPs.

If Tibet is a stop in your itinerary, then our company will apply for a TTP for you. Copies of your passport and visa are required for the application. When everything is nailed down, we will send the TTP to our travel agent in the city before entering Tibet. Our tour guide will pass the TTP on to you so that you can board the plane and enter Tibet.