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Thousands of tourists trapped in Huashan Mountain

Huashan Mountain

According to the report, there were 270,000 tourists traveling in Huashan Mountain. Due the large amount of tourists, the scenic area stopped selling tickets since October. 2. However, some tourists who arrived in the scenic area were required to sell the tickets again and block the expressway to the mountain. Therefore, the bus could not go to the top and tourists could not be detained. Huashan Scenic Sport Management Committee arranged shuttle buses to send them to go downhill. However, most tourists walk downhill at night and there wasn’t detailed data of how many tourists were detained at the mountain.

Huo Huawen, Director of Huashan Scenic Spot Management Committee, said that they were very sorry for those who didn't get to the top because of the poor arrangement. It is said during the latter days of Golden Week, Huashan Scenic Spot reinforced the service facilities and set LCD indicator in important places to remind tourists in advance. Meanwhile, tourists that entered the scenic area would be scheduled nto enter the mountain to be safe from crowding situation.