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Memorandum & Cooperation by Sichuan & Czech

Memorandum & Cooperation by Sichuan & Czech

Mr. Karel Horcicka, the vice governor of Middle Bohemia State of the Czech Republic, with his delegation visited the Sichuan Tourism Administration on September 18th this year. At a symposium on tourist communication and cooperation of Middle Bohemia State and Sichuan Province, a memorandum was agreed upon. Chen Jialin, the vice director of Sichuan Tourism Administration with managers of Market Department and Promotion Center met them.

During the discussion, Vice Director Chen stated that Czech is rich with tourist resources, which is a well-known country to Sichuan. Sichuan is a province with frequent outbound tourism. The number of tourists from there to Europe last year increased by 51.1% of than the year before, representing a great potential of Sichuan travelers to Eastern Europe.

Chen put forward that the foundation of the Czech consulate general in Chengdu and the opening of the straight course from Sichuan to the Czech Republic would promote mutual tourist communication and exchanges. 

Later, Vice Director Chen Jialin and Mr Karel Horcicka, separately on behalf of Sichuan Tourism Administration and Middle Bohemia State of Czech, reached a memorandum on friendly tourist communications and cooperations. The memo states that the two sides will work actively in the future work to advance tourism and cultural communication. It also encourages and supports exchange visits of tourism companies and travelers and increase tourism promotion online and offline. Furthermore, they seek to strengthen collaboration of tourist education, talent training and others, to achieve resource sharing and further development of the Sichuan and Czech tourism industry.