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China Tourism News

The Palace Museum will open to visitors for the first time

Published: Oc. 18, 2015

There may be a mystery reveal for visitors in the Palace Museum, the Hall of Consolation of Mother, Palace of Longevity and Health and other palaces like hall for worshiping Buddha in west roads.

China Tourism News

Leaders of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism met Mayor of Myrtle South Carolina,US.

Published: Oc. 17, 2015

Recently, Wang Yue, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism met John Rhodes, the Mayor of Myrtle South Carolina,U.S., with Director Zhang Jing and Vice Director Liu Jingan of City Image and Market Promotion Department.

China Tourism News

Hanging Temple Unavailable for Rockfall

Published: Oc. 14, 2015

Due to the constant rainfall, Hanging Temple, a historic artifact under state protection, is not available for visitors who appreciate it from a distance.

China Tourism News

Release of Beijing-Hotan special train for tourists

Published: Oc. 13, 2015

With the siren hooting at half past 12 o’clock of 16, Beijing-special train for tourists carrying 400 passengers started from Beijing West Railway Station to Hotan, Xinjiang.

China Tourism News

Celebrating Mid-autumn Festival and National Holiday: Badaling Great Wall

Published: Sep. 29, 2015

During the holidays, visitors can enjoy an infusion of colorfully designed flowers and grass landscapes while climbing the Badaling Great Wall.

China Tourism News

The Best Season to Mt. Huang Scenic Spot Is on the Way

Published: Sep. 28, 2015

These photos were captured in Mt. Huang at dusk of the 23rd and on the morning of September 24. The best time to appreciate Mt. Huang is in autumn. In high altitudes, various colors emerge in broad-leaved deciduous forests.

China Tourism News

Memorandum & Cooperation by Sichuan & Czech

Published: Sep. 23, 2015

Mr. Karel Horcicka, the vice governor of Middle Bohemia State of the Czech Republic, with his delegation visited the Sichuan Tourism Administration on September 18th this year.