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Large environmental protection activity is held in Sayram Lake

Sayram Lake

On August 4, "Sayram Lake Environmental-Protection Action" held by Sayran Lake Scenic Spot Management Committee of Boertala Mongolian Autonomy Prefecture was launched in the east gate and south gate. The activity attracted over 500 people from travel agents, tour groups, self-driving tour groups and environmentalists of all walks of life.

The activity is held to enhance tourists' environmental protection consciousness and combine environmental protection with tourism to promote green tourism, influence and guide people to pay attention to ecological buildings in the scenic areas, establish environmental protection responsibility and initiatively take part in the groups of environmental protection. On that day, the personnel distributed 300 armbands with the word "Environment Protector" to tourists for free and over 400 trash bags, hoping every participant could try their best to become an advocator and protector of green environmental protection and join hands to protect Sayram Lake with practical action.