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180,000, a new record of tourists' number in the Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

The daily passenger flow of 180,000 to the Imperial Palace again increases the historical record. To cope with the increasing tourists, the Imperial Palace administrators made a temporary decision to add 4 more ticket windows allowing passage from South Gate to Meridian Gate only one-way traffic in case of stampede. By effective diversion, the Imperial Palace succeeded the peak time. It is estimated that tourists will rush the Imperial Palace. Tourists can choose another day to avoid this peak time.

On the last morning, tourists were crowded in South Gate. On 9:30, the tourist number had reached over 40,000 which is a total number of weekends. On 11 o'clock, the tourist's number was close to 100,000 and more tourists were rushing in the South Gate.

The Imperial Palace made a detailed plan to deal with the passage flow in the peak time. In addition, it added 4 ticket windows to 34. The security personnel also diverted tourists to take a one-way passage from South Gate to Meridian Gate in avoidance of accidents.

Once tourists enter the Imperial Palace, workers and volunteers will remind them to take a look at the exhibits on the wall instead of crowding the axle wire. However, due to the crowded tourists, workers took a temporary limit to protect cultural artifacts.

Every year, the amount of tourists in the Imperial Palace will be updated on October, 2. The record was 127.800 in 2011 which was updated yesterday. Until 4:00 pm, there were 180,000 tourists rushing into the Imperial Palace, among which, 175,000 bought their tickets at the site and the rest booked online.

The workers experienced a tough and exhausting day as well as tourists.  It is suggested that tourists travel to the Imperial Palace after the three peak days. You will have a better sightseeing experience if you do so.