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Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou is not only famous for its gardens, but also its silk products. In China, Silk production has had a history of about 6,000 years. Suzhou has been a silk producer for centuries. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Suzhou was the center of silk production in the nation. Silk was exported to other nations during the Silk Road, contributing significantly to globalization. As the “Land of Silk,” a Silk Museum was built to show the history of silk products.

Located at the Beishou Temple Scenic Area, Suzhou Silk Museum has an area of 9,460 square meters. It combines the ancient and the modern styles of silk weaving together with the theme being “Silk Road.” Silk products exhibited present origin, evolution, and development of silk production from the earliest times through all the Dynasties and present.

Many traditional silk looms, fragments of silk from various Dynasties, ancient silk garments, and a large number of modern silk products are on display. There is a statue among the large number of murals, that is, Empress Leizu, which was the first person who reared silkworms.The silk weaving workshop is where traditional silk weaving technology is held.

Since its foundation, Suzhou Silk Museum has attracted many visitors from domestically and abroad. It is not only a treasure of silk, but also a place where you can get authentic silk products for family and friends.