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Luzhi Ancient Town

Luzhi Ancient Town

With a history of more than 2,500 years, Luzhi (甪直) Ancient Town is located in the Wuzhong District, east of Suzhou. Many wonder the character “甪” was used to name this location. It is because the form of the 6 straight (直) waterways in this town look like the character “甪.”

Luzhi is famous for its many rivers and ancient bridges. Also known as the “Capital of Bridges,” there are 41 ancient bridges linking sections of the town there. Some of them date back to the Song Dynasty. Visiting Luzhi Ancient Town is similar to visiting a museum of bridges in open air.

There are many historic and cultural sites in Luzhi Ancient Town, such as Baoshen Temple with a history of 1,500 years and 5,000 halls and 1,000 monks in its early days, the Tomb of Poet Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty with Douya Pond and Qingfeng Pavilion at the front, and the Ye Shengtao (a famous educator and writer in China) Memorial Hall.

In Luzhi Ancient Town, there are 3 famous local delicacies, including: Fuli Trotters and Fuli Duck which are said to be prepared for Poet Lu Guimeng who treated his guests with these two dishes, and Luzhi Radish which is a pickled radish made according to a recipe from the Qing Dynasty.

Luzhi Town, along with its old canals and streets, is one of the well-preserved ancient towns in China. It was listed as one of the “Ten Famous Chinese Historical Townships” in 2003 and bestowed a Township Preservation Award by UNESCO in 2004.