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Suzhou Garden and Architecture

Suzhou Garden and Architecture

Suzhou is called the City of Garden, possessing more than 100 gardens of various sizes. Most of which are private gardens, embodied the owner's feelings by means of the garden landscaping, specializing in compact, random, delicate, quietly elegant, and enjoyable.

Of which the Classical Gardens of Suzhou are known as "the garden in South of the River are the best of the world while the Suzhou ones are the best in South of the River". Among the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, the paragon and representative include Humble Administrator's Garden, The Lingering Garden, The Master-of-Nets Garden and The Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty which are built in the golden age of private gardens. These four classical gardens prevail in the features of artistic conception, exquisite construction, elegant style and plentiful cultural connotation. In addition to these four gardens, there are also gardens like Pavilion of Surging Waves, Lion Forest Garden, The Garden of Cultivation, Garden of Couple's Retreat and The Garden of Quiet Meditation, etc.

Features of Classical Gardens of Suzhou

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou gather the essences of garden architectural art in south of the River, setting the architecture, garden, carving, painting, poet and industrial arts in one.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou are the unification of house and garden, available to appreciate, roam, and live as well. The kind of architectural morphology is formed in the cities of thickly populated lacking of natural views, which is a creation that people cling to nature, purchase the harmony with nature, beatify and improve the living conditions.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou are not only the result of history and culture, but also the carrier of Chinese traditional ideology and culture, mainly proving in the following aspects: naming of gardens and halls, horizontal inscribed board, couplet hung on the columns of a hall, inscription on a book of stone, carving and decorations, along with expressing feelings through flowers and trees and placing the emotions through piling and layout of stones. The gardens are exquisite art work to speckle the gardens, which also save lots information of history, culture, ideology and science, extremely deep and wide in both material and spiritual contents.