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Xintiandi (New Heaven and Earth)


Located in the center of Shanghai and south of Huaihai Zhong Road is Xintiandi (New Heaven and Earth). It is not only a walking street with shopping malls, but also a scenic area with historical and cultural significance. The construction of Xintiandi was based on old architecture of the narrow Shikumen Alley. Today, Xintiandi is a walking street combining shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, cafes,, and bars. Traditional architecture and modern buildings with various western designs are mixed together making visitors describe  Xintiandi as a place where the old meets the new.

Xintiandi is most famous for its nightlife. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor seating. There are numerous romantic settings, as well as dance settings with good music playing. One can experience the romantic atmosphere of the old Shanghai here. Many touring groups both domestic and abroad pay a visit to Xintiandi because it is one of the main attractions in Shanghai.

Every corner of Xintiandi represent the comfort and convenience of high-technology. Automated elevators and escalators, central air-conditioning, internet access, among other elements are available. Consumers can surf the internet to research store and restaurant selections and prices. Walking in Xintiandi will make you feel like you are at home. It is a perfect place for foreign visitors to go when they miss their home and their food.