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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Located in People’s Square, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has an area of 4000 square meters with a construction area of 20,670 square meters. It officially opened to the public in 2000. This 6-story Exhibition Hall displays urban planning and development in Shanghai. Besides exhibitions the hall offers data searching, education, leisure, and sightseeing services.

The exhibition hall is primarily themed as the, “city, human beings, environment and development.” It adopted high technology to display a 1:200 enormous model of the city center which occupies an area of 800 square meters. The roof of the center is a grid shaped like four petals of a white magnolia flower; the flower of Shanghai.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall was built to attract citizens to help improve urban planning. The achievements of past projects and the future development plans are displayed there. It also serves as a temporary center for other exhibitions or galleries, like the Exhibition of Russian Paintings and the Gallery of the works of Picasso. Additionally, there’s a 100-meter long street for citizens.

Every day, the hall has many visitors both domestically and internationally. Since its opening, more than 2.5 million people have visited the Exhibition Hall. Many leaders from the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China including Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, and Hu Jingtao have come to the Exhibition Hall, respectively.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has become an important site for the “Shanghainese” to gain knowledge on Shanghai and its development. What is more important is its role in exchanging urban planning with other countries.