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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 468 meters high and is the world’s fourth highest TV tower after the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower in Guangzhou, China; the 553-meter tall CN Tower in Toronto, Canada; and the 535-meter tall Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Russia. It is located at the tip of Lujiazui Area in the Pudong District on the eastern shore of Huangpu River facing the Bund of Shanghai.

The tower is a popular destination for tourists. It features 11 spheres with different sizes. The biggest sphere being 50 diameters at the lowest point and the second is 45 meters at the highest point. The building is supported by three columns erect from the ground. The whole design is rich in beauty which gives tourists the perception that pearls of different sizes are falling onto a jade plate.

The tower has 15 levels for observation. The highest observation level is called Space Module and is 350 meters high. The Tower combines exhibition centers, restaurants and a shopping mall. There is a revolving restaurant at the 267 meter level and the Space Hotel is between the two spheres with 20 rooms.

Currently, the number of tourists that visit the Oriental Pearl Tower and the tourism revenue of the Tower are next to that of the Eiffel Tower in France in the world, making it one of the worlds most famous tourist attractions. It is one of the most symbolic buildings in Shanghai.

At night the dazzling lights at the top of the Tower radiate throughout the city. Looking from the Tower the Yangpu Bridge and the Nanpu Bridge around the tower are just similar to Chinese dragons playing with the pearls of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Every visitor is overwhelmed by the splendor of the experience.