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Luxury Yangtze Cruise Ship: yangzi Explorer


The Yangzi Explorer: Unequaled Elsewhere in the World

The Yangzi Explorer is designed by Anthony Dugdale and Andrew Sobenko—the top British designers in the world. Its luxury and magnificent decorations make it unparalleled among the cruise ships on the Yangtze River. Unlike other cruise ships that carry as many as 300 people, the Yangzi Explore carries just 124 passengers and offers superb and meticulous services provided by 130 European professional staff. The Yangzi Explorer ensures that every level of comfort is catered for during the cruise.

Accommodation on the Yangzi Explorer

yangzi explorer Dexlue cabin
  • The Yangzi Explore boasts the most spacious rooms on the Yangtze River, including 38 deluxe rooms (each of which covers an area of 31 m2, 2-3 times larger than any other cruise ships on the Yangtze River), 20 standard rooms (each of which covers an area of 39 m2) and 4 luxury suites (each of which covers an area of 110 m2). Each of the rooms is furnished with an independent sightseeing balcony, which enables you to appreciate the enticing sceneries along the world’s third longest river—the Yangtze River and the magnificent Three Gorges.
  • yangzi explorer Dexlue cabin
  • Each of the rooms is equipped with a Phillips LCD TV (receiving the signals of such satellite TV programs as HBO, CNN, BBC, ESPN, Star Sports, and Discovery), a VOD system, an IDD telephone, a hairdryer, a fridge, a safe box, and an independent central air conditioner. 
  • yangzi explorer Dexlue cabin
  • Over half of the luxury suites and standard suites are interlinked by doors, rendering you and your family many conveniences.
  • Each of the rooms has an independent marble shower bath and each bathroom is equipped with a dresser. Each bathroom is furnished with a large sightseeing window, which is unparalleled elsewhere on the Yangtze River. You can appreciate the intoxicating sceneries along the Yangtze River whenever you want.
  • yangzi explorer Dexlue cabin
  • The luxury suites provide butler services.

Catering on the Yangzi Explorer

luxury yangtze cruises tour
  • It has 3 restaurants of distinctive styles, serving cuisines of different flavors.
  • The breakfast and lunch are Chinese and Western-style buffets, while the dinner is a Western-style meal. All of them cooked by famous Austrian chefs.
  • Free red wines, white wines, soft drinks, local beers and mineral water are available in the dining rooms.  Vegetarian foods and special foods for children are available without extra charge.
  • Afternoon tea and snacks are offered in the Explorer Bar on a daily basis.

Recreation on the Yangzi Explorer

yangzi explorer ship cruises
  • It boasts the only 2-story theater on the Yangtze River. The theatre can accommodate all the guests at one time for performances, movies or conferences.
  • Consisting of 6 independent booths and covering an area of 350 m2, the spa is unparalleled elsewhere on the Yangtze River. It specializes in a variety of massage services provided by Dragonfly (a famous spa brand), helping you relax yourself and eradicate fatigue.
  • The Fanghua Pearl Store (a top-notch jewelry brand in China) is the place where you can appreciate the best jewelry made by oriental artisans.
  • It has a gym equipped with the most advanced and complete facilities on the Yangtze River.
  • It invites professionals to give lectures and stages a variety of events featuring Chinese culture, ensuring that you can learn something while having fun.
  • It has the only Philippine band on the Yangtze River.
  • English parties and recreation activities for the children are arranged for free by the American manager in charge of recreation.
  • Onshore visits are all taken care of by the Yangzi Explorer. You can have onshore visits in a small group by bike or by boat, which is totally different from large-group visits. The sightseeing elevator can take you from the first floor to the top of the cruise ship.

Environmental Protection by the Yangzi Explorer

yangzi explorer ship cruises

To respond to the international trend of environmental protection, the Yangzi Explore has been actively involved in the cause of protecting the environment on the Yangtze River by capitalizing on its most advanced sewage treatment system. Meanwhile, it has introduced natural cleaning products of international brands at a high cost, which is over six times higher than that of an international 5-star hotel.

Cost: from USD800 per person per 0.5 cabin (exact cost depends on the cabins and sail dates) and CCT takes no responsible for any changes made by the ship company.

Yangzi Explorer Cruise itinerary

Down Stream from Chongqing to Yichang: 4 days 3 nights, including Captain’s welcome, Ghost City, shows, excursion to Shennong stream, Taipingxi dock, Three Gorges Dam, passed the five level ship locks and a la carte dinners. Embarkation time from 18:00 to 22:00; arrive in Yichang and disembarkation at 10:30.

Upstream sails from Yichang to Chongqing: 5 days 4 nights, including pass the five level ship locks, Three Gorges Dam, Captain's Welcome Reception, shows, an excursion to Shennong stream, a shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City or Shibaozhai and a la carte dinners. Embarkation from 18:00 to 22:00 at Yichang; arrive in Chongqing and disembarkation at 09:00.

Yangzi Explorer Data

Star-Rating: 5 Star

Passenger Decks: 5

38 Deluxe Cabins, 31 sq m

1 Mandarin Suite, 81 sq m

Capacity: 124 Passengers

Elevator: yes

20 Normal Suites, 39 sq m

1 Celestial Suite, 110 sq m

Electrical voltage: 220V

Balcony: yes

1 Jade Suite, 81 sq m

1 Imperial Suite, 110 sq m