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Generally, all the limousines arranged are clean, tidy and safe. If you need a luxury one, we can arrange the 7 seat Mercedes Benz Viano, Buick Business GL8 and 5 seats Benz S350 or S500 or Audi A6l, which are excluded in CCT quotation. We can arrange a limousine to fit your requirements.

The luxury limousines recommended by CCT are the Mercedes the Benz series such as Viano7 seat, 5-seater S350 or S500, Audi A6L and 7-seat GL8. You can also ask for more luxury automobiles and CCT will try the best to arrange a satisfactory car for you.

Mercedes Benz - Viano 7 Seats


As a light model business vehicle, Mercedes Benz Viano is regarded as the “mobile president office”. This car is the only MPV winning EURO-NCAP 5-star safety standards. It is a perfect combination of art and technology. Now the brand new Viano is greatly improved in its overall conformity, safety and controllability, taking the domestic business vehicle industry standard to greater heights.

Mercedes Benz - S350 5 Seats


The hybrid power-driven system of this car is composed of a powerful 6-cylinder, high torque engine with greater environmental controls and more efficient fuel consumption. It has an optimized aerodynamic system, KERS, ECO start/stop functions and LRRT. The S series limousine boasts 8.0L/100KM average fuel consumption and 188g/KM average carbon dioxide emissions. It won the award for the most efficient limousine. It not only has traditional high level driving conformity, a large volume luggage compartment, luxurious interior space but also it is highly maneuverable.

Audi - A6L 5 Seats


The Audi A6L series is a limousine business vehicle with the best advanced technology, performance and domestic adaptation launched by FAW-VW. It integrates international advanced technology and with luxurious configurations and strong sport features, making it perfect in design and performance. The Audi is renowned for its luxury, sporty and executive features. The luxury features include the world first class brands like BOSE sound effect, TV/DVD and fridge, sporty features include the seats and steering wheel and executive features such included the repeated upgrades. All these features make the Audi A6L series top of its class.

Buick Business - GL8 7 Seats


The Buick GL8, as the top model MPV, is a mass exported luxury style car with strength, power and comfit. It was reported by the Southeast Asian media as the perfect MPV, it was even selected for the Beijing bid for the Olympics. They were also used for the APEC conference and other significant international foreign affairs activities such as the protocol vehicle for Bill Gates, Yo-Yo Ma and Luciano Pavarotti. The 8 seats theater and luxurious theater series are equipped with the latest CD, VCD and MP3 video and media player in the middle and top grade vehicle. The creation of Buick moving video world effect based on Buick unique silent cabin, pushed the “land business class” MPV representation to a new level of luxury.

Note: If you want to arrange the above mentioned vehicles please talk with your travel consultant but your travel cost will be accordingly increased. A standard CHINA CULTURE TOUR quote does not include the above-mentioned limousines but standard vehicles.