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Fine Restaurants

Fine Cuisines in China for traveling.

With the development of China, local cuisine has undergone a great change from home cooking to fine dining. Many local cooks have undergone serious training and made considerable progress. It is these people who have turned Chinese daily cuisine into fine dining comparable with some of the cuisine the royals have experienced for hundreds of years. Also, some world-class restaurants entered into the Chinese market like Michelin, which offer Chinese food lovers more choices, you can enjoy the food in the capital Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Expensive and authentic food is a key part of this gourmet trip. You can choose to taste the local food like Beijing’s Fangshan Restaurant which boasts royal cuisine or Mei Mansion which was established by Mei Lanfang, a famous Beijing opera artist. If these two restaurants can’t satisfy you, you also can make other choices such as world-known Michelin, or other countries’ restaurants.

Beijing LAN Club

Integrating Baroque art with architectural space of shadow and light, the French designer endowed LAN Club with a dreamlike feeling. The luxury central hall, elegant lounge, bright oyster bar, gorgeous four countries bar and a comfortable cigar room, make you feel like you have entered a dreamland when you step into this restaurant. 298 world-known paintings of the baroque period decorate the ceiling, and other paintings, not only oil paintings, but color screens and wall clothes, are added and put around the tables in disorder to go with the whole design. The furniture is from LAVAL and BOFFI: the High back seats, which restore the royal design of Napoleonic period and a flying eagle which stands for power and dignity. It is worth mentioning that the cigar bar and the cellar of LAN club are seldom seen in Beijing.

The menu which is designed by the owner, consists mainly of three cuisines including Cantonese dishes, Sichuan dishes and governmental dishes. The dish arrangement is western style but the taste is light and definitely worth a try.

  • Recommended: oyster and pumpkin seafood soup

Michelin Three-Star Restaurant S.T.A.Y. in Beijing

S.T.A.Y., established by French Chef Yannick Alléno opened its doors in Asia at Shangri-La Hotel on October 16th 2011 in Beijing. S.T.A.Y. means "Simple Table Alléno Yannick". The restaurant aims to provide diners with an ideal dining experience through the reinterpretation of traditional French cuisine. In a fun and interactive setting, guests are regaled with a holistic and unforgettable dining experience.

The cooks and waiters who were selected by Yannick are ready to offer you a perfect French dinner, the first S.T.A.Y. in Asian will bring you a different taste.

Yannick, took charge of two restaurants which have earned five Michelin stars, he is expert at creating delicate and novel French dishes using simple food materials. Every dish is made out of fresh and high-quality ingredients, such as lobster, sautéed spinach and roast sesame, undaria pinnatifida and butter bake haddock and duck and butter fried fettuccine. Recommended dishes from our experienced chef, crafted with meticulous attention to every detail and presented to your table.

It is definitely an eye feast! French cuisine is placed in the silk ribbon-shaped cake rack. This innovative design enables guests to freely choose their own favorite desserts,

  • consumption per person:RMB1000
  • Address: 1 / f, Shangri-La Hotel, No.29 of Black Bamboo Yard Road, Haidian District
  • Tel: 010-68412211 88826727

Two Michelin Stars Restaurant - Piccolo Lago’s River Club in Beijing

The design of the dining room can meet all demands; the big table is for celebratory occasions, the cabinets are designed for giving customers some privacy as well as the private dining room. Perched above the Liangma River, these two VIP private dining rooms which possess separate lounges, have a great view, you can see the whole of Beijing city here. A rising show kitchen is on the other side of main dining room, it lets customers see the show of the kitchen staff with the privacy of avant-garde romance. The magic of the River Club cuisine is the integrating of traditional and modern cooking methods. Lying on geometric shapes while encompassing classical period style furniture, River Club makes each section of the restaurant a completely different experience. Decorating of the dining room fuses classical notions with modern concepts, from the elegant armchair of King Louis XVI period to the European minimalist style Bianco Venato. From stone material in the main dining room to mosaic wall and wood panel in the private dining room. Every corner reflects the combination of these two worlds.

  • River Club also offers very reasonable and affordable set menus: five courses(RMB486 per head), six courses(RMB698)and recommended dishes set(RMB899). Baked dishes are from RMB 236 to RMB688, the average price for first course is RMB180. Soup, pasta and risotto, each is RMB120, average price for main course is 250.

The Grand Prince - Beijing

The restaurant has its own features and is one of first choice for business dinners in Beijing. It is loved by businessmen. In the Victoria theatre-liked grand dining hall, a big glass wine cabinet separates the dining hall from the doorway with lights shining in the ceiling like stars in the sky. Paintings in the private room are all post-retro style hand-drawn works. The dishes here are little changed in the taste since olden days and the food materials are all selected no matter how expensive or ordinary or hard to find. The menu can satisfy all demands, there are various of dishes including traditional dishes like supreme Sambo, honey-stewed barbecued pork and reformed ones like Chinese broccoli jellyfish fried sliced whelk and special soy sauce pork rib. Additionally, the marinated food is authentic, and the marinated goose feet are the most popular dishes.

  • Recommended: supreme Sambo, honey-stewed barbecued pork, Chinese broccoli jellyfish fried sliced whelk, special soy sauce pork rib

The Gourmet Room

The Gourmet Room originally is a common quadrangle courtyard, a special Paris Café styled glass house that has a wall of books and CDs in the antique-style yard. According to Beijing ‘s architectural style, the main dining hall is separated into two private dining rooms by the screen, each side can accommodate over 10 people, the two private dining rooms also can become a big one when removing the screen if necessary. If you want to order something over RMB500, you have to book in advance because some of seafood needs to be processed beforehand and some expensive food materials need to be ordered.

  • Address: No.3 West Street, Qianhai, Shenchahai
  • Price per head: RMB250-1400
  • Flavor: Cantonese cuisine and seafood

Hakkasan Shanghai

Combining London modern culinary art with traditional Cantonese cuisine, Hakkasan in Shanghai, is a stunning example of alluring cuisine and exceptional mixology and sommelier skills. You will enjoy world-class food and services in meticulously deluxe Chinese-style setting. Light and shadow, selected background music, and iconic Jasmine bouquet, Hakkasan provides you a graceful, relaxed sensual feast from every detail. The restaurant has two pubs, Ling Ling (one of pubs), sits in the very front of the architectural complexes along the Shanghai Bund, you can have a pleasant dinner and cocktail while taking in the whole vista of Shanghai Bund. Every Friday and Saturday, resident DJ of Hakkasan will play Hakkasound (Hakkasan’s album), for a food lover, this is definitely a sensual pleasure.

  • Tel: +86 21 6321 5888
  • http://hakkasan.com/
  • http://www.bund18.com/fine-dining-and-entertainment/hakkasan/

Three Star Michelin Restaurant - Jean Georges in Shanghai

This three star Michelin restaurant, opened by world famous cook Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is the same as Jean Georges in Manhattan. Jean Georges of Manhattan, the best French restaurant in New York, lies in high-ended sector of Manhattan, it is the landmark building of New York as well as the Vanity Fair of celebrity. It is said that you can judge whether a person is rich or not by how often the person goes to Jean Georges in one week. There are two types of regular customer, one is the celebrity, such as Denzel Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman; the other kind is the successful businessmen, who know how to enjoy life.

  • Recommended: French Goose Liver paste with amarelle and pistachio, silver pod with miso and grapefruit, chocolate lava cake

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Caprice in Hong Kong

Caprice sits in Four Seasons Hong Kong, it is a branch of French Caprice, all the staff here are from the headquarter in Paris. An open kitchen showcases the tremendous confidence of this restaurant. As a well-known three star restaurant Caprice is famous for its decoration and wine cellar. But as a high class French restaurant, its dishes are by no mean dull, the chief is good at using rich creamy sweet sauces. The former French swashbuckling and glory is gone, instead, what you can feel is simplicity and youthful taste. Take the mille-feuille for example, light cream and fresh seasoned fruit with matching flaky pastry, along with watching chief ‘s exquisite skill will give you a fantastic experience. Caprice, corresponding to the popular trend is regarded as the most authentic French restaurant.

Caprice provides a lot of deluxe dishes, such as scallops and beetroot, superfine caviar, green apple and oyster mousse, fried French weever and cheese baked potato, strewed onion and smoked sausage and up to one thousand famous wine around the world. The decoration of the restaurant is a reproduction of French Belle Epoch, delicate but not exaggerated like the dishes here, rich but not greasy.

  • Recommended: scallops and beetroot, superfine caviar, green apple and oyster mousse, fried French weever and cheese baked potato

Lung King Heen - it is the first Chinese restaurant in the world to receive three Michelin stars.

The newly published Michelin (Hong Kong and Macao) descried Lung King Heen like this “using only the best quality and freshest ingredients. Items must be finely prepared and dishes are well presented. It has a professional service team. Waiters introduce the dishes with patience.”

Lung King Heen is on the fourth floor of the Four Seasons hotel, not big or luxurious, but there is a a fine view over the harbor which makes the restaurant a little special in Hong Kong, especially in a city filled with skyscrapers. However, Lung King Heen attracts many regular customers, who dine here for the food alone. This restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and every night has a full house .

  • Recommended: (the most delicious dish) Lotus Seed Puff Pastry, dried scallop pork dumplings, scallop dumpling in X.O. Chili Sauce, goose liver fried peanut dumpling, lobster and rice noodle roll with soybean sauce, abalone and Chicken Puff.

Hangzhou Hubin 28 Restaurant

Hyatt Hotel,sitting in the best location along West Lake has become a top priority for those visiting Hangzhou. Some come all the way for 28 HuBin Road restaurant which is in the Hyatt Hotel.

The restaurant is on the first floor of Hyatt Hotel and the mansion-style building of Jiangnan region shows dignity and mystery. A lot of antiques collected in the Jiangnan region are used for decoration. The tables which are made of heavy ancient wooden doors are really unforgettable. There is a transparent walk-in cellar in the middle of dining hall holds more than 2000 kinds of wines from the old world and new world. Customers can choose whatever wine they like here.

The dishes here are made out of fine food materials, with no superfluous skill or decoration. The cooking here celebrates the traditional and diverse cuisine of Hangzhou, the Longjing Xia Ren (Dragon well shrimps) and J iao Hua Ji (beggar’s chicken) are both impressive and exquisite. The cooks are adept at using local foodstuffs to make different dishes. Moreover, Hangzhou is well-known for food and wine matching which balances the food and wine of 28 HuBin Road restaurant.

Zhi Weiguan Restaurant

Dong Shunxiang, the manager of Zhi Weiguan restaurant is the godfather of the food industry in Hangzhou. The Zhi Weiguan restaurant has had a reputation across china for a long time as a graceful environment (several lake houses and winding corridors along the west lake) so excellent Hangzhou dishes make here the first choice for dining. Hangzhou dishes of Zhi Weiguan restaurant are traditional and graceful. Fried crab meat steamed In side orange was a famous dish in the South Dynasty, this dish requires first-class crabs, (crab cream, crab roe and crab meat), the first step is to fry them, then steam with orange, when it is done you will find it is a full complex flavor and very delicious. If you want to try some traditional cuisines like lobster and egg and braised pork, Zhi Weiguan is your best choice. The chiefs here have won many awards, and all these award-winning dishes are added to the menu. Although the dishes are changeable, you never find the new ones are strange, because all of them keep the Hangzhou flavor, and that is one of the reasons why this restaurant has become one of the most recognized restaurant in Hangzhou.

Gingko in Chengdu

As the highest-standard restaurant in Chengdu, Gingko won acclaim for its building style which integrates ARTDECO with Chinese traditional designs and food. There is Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and western food. All kinds of foodstuffs will be put to best use here. For example, self-made salmon, it is a dish that requires customers to put quail eggs in the salmon cubes and spread the mixture on the crunchy French bread. The Sichuan cuisine is also amazing, all the dishes are adapted to be more healthy (no MSG). The Cantonese morning tea is very popular too, you have to wait for a table especially in the weekend.

Real Love Chang’an Restaurant in Xi'an

Real Love Chang’an Restaurant focuses on Shaanxi dish meanwhile providing classical dishes of other cuisine, and supplemented with western and Japanese food. Local dishes are impressive, like shaan xi cold dish, snack and pastry. This restaurant is very luxury and has a grand dining hall in it. The most recommend dishes are roasted whole chicken, Shaanxi needle, string wrapped chicken feet, tower-liked needle, and yam and Jujube with glutinous rice.

Tast Talor-made Restaurant in Guilin

The fine decoration, good environment, bright, clean and neat dining hall make up for the shortage of space; there are not many private rooms, but all of them are exquisitely decorated, and very quiet. Excellent service, comfortable environment along with its moderate price make it is really a good place for common people.

Notes: all the restaurants mentioned above are only a small part of China’s cuisine and many are not in the article. Wherever you are, we can offer you advice on the best local food.