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General Introduction: Situated in the southwest part of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Leishan County is adjacent to Kaili, Taijiang and Rongjiang. It boasts Leigong Mountain National Natural Reserve and brilliant Miao culture, which adds extraordinary charm to this blessed land. The majestic scenery and strong ethnic culture are in such a harmonious combination that it becomes a hot tourist destination for those who want to experience what nature and culture have to offer.

Leigong Mountain: Leigong Mountain, the highest peak of the Miao Ridge, stretches along the natural reserve, and also gives the name to Leishan County. It consists of 11 smaller hills with an altitude of over 1,800 meters. Legend has it that Leigong Mountain is haunted with nimbus for its three matchless landscapes, namely the giant cedar, Buddhist temples and the sealed book. It's estimated by the UN experts that Leigong Mountain is the best preserved land that is rarely contaminated by modernity.

For thousands of years, the Miao people have been toiled and multiplied in this wondrous land, giving rise to the unique Miao culture. Leishan County is also crowned as the centre of Miao culture. The local lifestyle is marked with its special traditions, costumes, dances, musical instruments and handicrafts, which depicts the rich and colorful Miao culture vividly. Stepping into Lei Mountain, you'll marvel at the hair style back in the Tang Dynasty, the costumes back in the Song Dynasty, the architectural construction back in the Qing Dynasty and the custom left by the Wei and Jin Dynasty. In other words, Leishan is the miniature of preceding dynasties.

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