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Richen and Upgrade Your Tour

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Both the itinerary we make for you and the price we offer are based on your requests and travel budget. To familiarize you with our unique Chinese culture, we have developed some special and classic programs for you to choose from. These programs help to enrich your itinerary, giving you and your family the best travel experience. The following are the highlights of such programs:

1. Enrich your travel package

Normally the itinerary we make for you is unique, and cost-effective. Therefore the following cultural programs, which entail extra fees, are not included in an ordinary itinerary. You may choose some of them to enrich your travel package. Beijing: learn Taiji boxing, paper-cutting and how to make Chinese knots and cheongsams; watch a Martial Arts performance and Peking Opera. Xi'an: learn how to make terracotta figurines; watch puppet shows and a Tang Dynasty Performance. Guilin: nighttime cruise along the Two Rivers and Four Lakes; learn Chinese painting and Chinese cuisine; watch Impression Sanjie Liu in Yangshuo Shanghai: watch ERA Acrobatics performance; learn how to make Chinese pastry; travel around the city by bike.

2. Upgrade your meals

We usually arrange social restaurants for you (which are frequented by the local people), with prices ranging from 80 to 100 RMB (about 15 USD per person). In an ordinary restaurant, a meal includes 3 to 4 dishes, a bottle of beer and a soft drink. Most of our customers are quite satisfied with the restaurants we arrange for them. But if you have higher standard, you can choose an upmarket restaurant, with the price ranging from 200 to 1000 RMB (35-250 USD per person). If you visit Beijing, you can treat yourself to royal court cuisines in such renowned restaurants as Fangshan and Mei's Mansion. Read more about fine restaurant

3. Upgrade your hotels

We strongly recommend that you choose a four-star hotel over a three-star one given the huge difference in quality. Normally, we recommend four-star (or above) hotels for they provide you with a comfortable environment. The five-star hotels we arrange are usually the normal ones, with prices ranging from 150 to 250 USD for each night. Their locations and services are among the best in the city. If you would like a higher standard, you can ask your travel consultant to upgrade your hotels to such international luxury brands as Hilton, St. Regis, Peninsula, Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Fairmont and Banyan Tree, which are 50-200 USD higher than the normal five-star hotels for each night. Or you can choose boutique hotels, such as the courtyard hotels in Beijing, hotels of antique beauty in Shanghai, Longji Li-An Lodge in Guilin and Songtsam Retreat in Shangri-La. Read more about luxury hotels

4. Upgrade your travel vehicle

Normally, we arrange ordinary vehicles for you. If your group consists of 1-2 tourists, we will arrange a 5-seater vehicle for you, with the car brands being Redflag, Volkswagen or Zhonghua. For a group of 3-5 tourists we often arrange a 7-seater business vehicle, with the car brands being Refine, Grace or Jinbei. If there are more than 6 tourists in your group, we will arrange an ordinary travel bus, with the bus brands being Jinbei or Coaster. Generally speaking, the brands mentioned above will never disappoint you. But if you think they are still not up to your standard, just tell us and we will arrange luxury cars for you instead, such as Audi, Benz and Buick, although these will cost you a lot more. Let your travel consultant know if you would like to make such arrangements. We should note that the car arrangements above are not necessarily fixed. We normally choose the right car type for you according to the size of your group and the amount of luggage. Read more tour limousines

5. Upgrade your airline seat

We normally book economy class airline seats. We can upgrade this to business or first class on request. Again, check with your travel consultant for specific information such as availability and cost. Some flights between certain cities only offer economy class.

Please note

Our price does not normally include the upgraded packages listed above, and they will add to your travel cost. We will only upgrade your tour package after you have told us of any special requests, and agreement to the additional cost. Sometimes we can cut or add some of the programs according to your actual travel budget, but the quality of our service remains unchanged.