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How to Choose Accommodations

choose  your china tour accommodations

Not a few customers have remarked that beds in China's hotels are usually hard. This is not totally wrong. Hotels ranked below five stars often provide harder beds. China is a developing country and compared with developed countries hotels of same kind need some improvement. As your personal travel advisor, CCT selects the best possible hotels to recommend for your enjoyment, and to fulfill that once-in-a-life-time cultural experience of China. The hotels we select not only boast fine service and location, but also provide a quiet sleep environment. Additionally they provide easy access to ideal places where you can sample local snacks and enjoy free public sights in your free time.

1. A taste of China's cultural atmosphere: boutique hotels

China culture tour hotels

For customers who wish to taste a bit of China's cultural atmosphere in their hotel we recommend boutique hotels with a strong flavor of the local culture. This kind of hotel usually provides 10-30 rooms with exquisite decorations; hotel facilities and staff service may not meet the standards of the top international chain hotels but are definitely worth a try for a unique experience. Some of the top hotels on this list are the Cote Cour, the Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel and Han's Royal Garden Hotel in Beijing; Tang Dynasty Art Hotel in Xi'an; Pei Mansion Hotel and Urban Hotel in Shanghai. Just to name a few. We strongly suggest that you try boutique hotels in one or more cities on your tour for a special flavor of China.

2. Super luxury accommodations

For customers who are looking for super luxury accommodations, options are available at US$400-800 per room per night. These hotel options meet first class standards in both facilities and service, ensuring that you will have an extremely comfortable experience in every way. We have Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong in Shanghai, Club Med Guilin, Aman Fayun in Hangzhou, Banyan Tree Resort in Lijiang & Shangri La and St. Regis in Lhasa and Beijing for you to choose from. We will help you decide hotels that best fit your preferences.

3. Luxury international chained 5* hotels

Luxury chained 5-star hotels are also available on our recommendation list at a cost of US$150-300 per room per night (Sheraton, Hilton and Crowne Plaza etc.). The hotels meet your needs and live up to their international brand offering. Locations and hotel service are what we focus on when we choose a hotel, and that they meet our customers' needs – we always listen to your feedback.

4. Some hotel below 5* star hotels

For requests for hotels ranked below 5 stars, we also provide different options to flexibly arrange your cultural experience in China. Just keep in mind that we are local experts and can design your dream tour based on your specific needs!

5. Hotels/guesthouse/logdes in remote areas

Some remote tour packages provide simple accommodation; we always arrange the best possible hotels available in local areas although they may not all be star-rated. Even though some of them are star-rated, hotel facilities and staff service are not necessarily up to the standard of those with a similar rating in bigger cities. In this case, the focus of these tour packages lies in deeper and closer understanding of the local atmosphere and cultural rather than comforts at hotels.