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Pudi Boutique Hotel

Pudi Boutique Hotel

Pudi Boutique Hotel is located on a street corner, at the intersection of Yandang Road Pedestrian Street and Nanchang Road. The hotel is adjacent to Fuxing Park, a century-old park with typical French style. It’s only 5 to 10 minutes walk to such places as the officials’ residences in Fuxing Park, Park 97 Bar, the bustling Huaihai Road Commercial Street, Shanghai Xintiandi, the most fashionable recreational venues in Shanghai, and the top-class office buildings on Huaihai Road. The hotel is not only in a great location but also is in a quiet environment. The nearby block is brimming with a relaxing ambience and flavored with the elements of the old Shanghai. The hotel appeals to those who want high quality and still want to experience both the old Shanghai and the vibrant modern Shanghai. The hotel is definitely an ideal choice for intellectuals likes scientists, professors, scholars and designers who are on a business trip in Shanghai. The hotel can also satisfy the needs of superstars with its private rooms and top notch services.

The entrance to the hotel is secluded. The lobby was built with your privacy in mind. Those who are not hotel guests are not permitted to enter the hotel. As a guest, the hotel will ask you to list the number of people who are given permission to visit you in the hotel. The hotel also aims to provide you with butler services. All the staff here are well-trained and will welcome you with warmth and hospitality. You will be blessed with meticulous services here for sure.

The designs and adornments of the hotel rooms are all tasteful feature typical Chinese style. The hotel features spa services in the bathrooms, providing you with a “butler shower service.” The special massage bathtubs and 5 different aromatic shower gels are guaranteed to make you relax.

Nearby attractions: Huaihai Road Commercial Street, Yandang Road Pedestrian Street, Fuxing Park, Shanghai Xintiandi, Park 97