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Fairmont Peace Hotel

Fairmont Peace Hotel

Located on the waterfront of the Huangpu River, Fairmont Peace Hotel is known as a legendary luxury hotel that boasts a glorious past. In the past 80 plus years, the hotel as served as a social hot spot and recreational center visited by famous figures from around the world. If only the hotel walls could speak! Today, in a new era, the hotel will take you on a journey of exploring the new Shanghai.

The hotel has taken on a dazzling new look after complete renovations. The tastefully-furnished rooms and suites feature a combination of modern hi-tech products and the most luxurious facilities available, an unparalleled accommodation experience. The luxury suites and top-class suites both provide a panoramic view of the picturesque Huangpu River and the international architectures on the Bund. Several special suites highlight the international influences on the hotel. The Sassoon presidential suite on the top floor was once the residence of Mr. Victor Sassoon, the founder of the hotel.

With a tasteful dining environment and a refined recreational ambience, the hotel is definitely an ideal place for all kinds of events. Hua Mao Ge Restaurant and the Terrace (9F) serve high-grade European-style meals; Long Feng Hall (Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant) serves traditional Chinese cuisines; CinCin serves high-grade wines and cigars. You can sip on classic cocktails while watching live performances in the Jazz Bar after enjoying a scrumptious meal. What a life! Each of the restaurants offers a unique dining experience.

Nearby attractions: the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Yu Garden