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Casa Serena Hotel

Casa Serena Spa & Hotel

Casa Serena Boutique Hotel was officially incorporated into Green Spa in 2012 and was given the new name “Casa Serena Spa & Hotel”. Thanks to the recent renovation of Green Spa, Casa Serena is a new and unique concept for holidays.

The hotel’s 18 rooms are each a piece of art, unique and unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Antique collectors will love the old antique furniture in the rooms. Even the layout of the furniture was meticulously arranged. Don’t be bothered by the aged appearance of the walls, this is intentional and all part of the charm.

The newly-renovated hotel retains the tranquil and artistic ambience of the former one and combines the modern elements of the Mediterranean and old Shanghai. Professional design teams from around the world strived to achieve a fusion of luxury by combining modern and classic styles. In addition, Green Massage, the spa brand of Green Spa, is also incorporated into Casa Serena, a secluded spa resort in a bustling urban area. Unlike many other spa centers, Casa Serena is furnished with spa suites and provides personalized international standard services. Here, you can have a holiday resort experience even in the commercial hinterland of the city.

Getting away from the crowd doesn’t mean that you have to drive all the way to a popular holiday resort or to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Instead, enjoy a day’s leisure time here at the hotel. Only your mind is at peace can you truly relax.

You can relax in your room or at the Green Spa in the spa suite. Facial and body massages as well as TCM therapies are available. You can ask the counter for more information.

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