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Cachet Boutique Shanghai

Cachet Boutique Shanghai

Cachet Boutique Shanghai is a beautifully-designed boutique hotel that meets all international standards. Based on an old 1920’s building, the hotel was designed by a team of famed designers from around the world. It’s located right on Nanjing West Road, the most bustling area of Shanghai.

The hotel’s tasteful lobby was designed by Andre Fu, a celebrated designer from AFSO (a designing company in Hong Kong). The simple and comfortable rooms are adorned with quality artwork. The quiet and private suites all feature a moderately fashionable style. The bathtub in the bathroom is coated with golden mosaic patterns. In addition, each room is equipped with free heating. Some of the suites have balconies and other special facilities. The wood pencil box, panda notebooks, white chair, and the lamp are all available for sale if you want to take them home as gifts or decorations.

Issimo Restaurant & Bar is a highlight of the hotel. Issimo in Chinese implies “the best” and “superb”. With wood as the main design element, feathers, rattan, and other natural materials, the design of the restaurant just adds a touch of charm and nature. The red jams, delicate hams and rolled bacons printed on the lunch menu will make you feel as if you were in the countryside of Italy.

Cachet Boutique Shanghai creates a comfortable and luxurious private environment for you with its own unique hotel culture.

Nearby attractions: Nanjing West Road, Wujiang Road Snack Street, Jing’an Temple

Website: http://www.cachethotels.com/en