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The Opposite House

The Opposite House

Located in Sanlitun, a fashionable area in downtown Beijing, the Opposite House is an urban-style hotel right next to the legation quarter and the business area. Designed by a famous Japanese designer, the hotel has spacious rooms and a duplex penthouse with a terrace on the top floor. The interior design features simplicity and modernity, and embodies the classic beauty of Chinese architectural style. The well-designed rooms will definitely make you comfortable during your stay here. Each room is furnished with wooden floor, large twin beds and an elegantly-adorned bathroom. The hotel is dedicated to provide high-quality and personalized services for guests from around the world.

In January 2012, the Opposite House and Martina Ziesse of Zcontemporary jointly staged Huang Rui sculpture shows and art performances. The artworks were displayed in the Opposite House for three months.

Ambient environment: Sanlitun Bar Street, Pacific Department Store, Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall, Sanlitun Legation Quarter, Beijing Workers Stadium

Website: http://www.theoppositehouse.com