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Han's Royal Garden Hotel

Han's Royal Garden Hotel

Han’s Royal Garden Hotel features the traditional architectural style of Chinese gardens, creating a quiet accommodation environment in the bustling downtown area. Everything here, whether it be the stone-carved and brick-paved marble bridge or the waters and rockeries, embodies the magnificence and majestic appeal of the royal family. In the garden of the hotel, rare and precious calligraphic artworks and paintings as well as red sandalwood furniture are everywhere to be found. The hotel is adjacent to Guozijian (the Imperial College) on its eastern side, Shichahai on its western side, the Forbidden City on its southern side, and the Drum and Bell Towers on the northern side. You can stroll through Di’anmen and look out over the lake and three hills of Beihai Park, which were once part of the imperial palace.

The hotel has Chinese and Western-style luxury suites of various types. Other facilities include a magnificent Chinese restaurant, a reception hall, a royal restaurant, a teahouse, an Imperial Peking opera theater, a romantic Italian restaurant, a bar, a cigar bar, a wine house, a spa, and superb amenities. Here, Chinese and Western styles as well as ancient and modern elements are combined into a harmonious whole. Birdsong, age-old trees and red pillars, together with the luxurious environment and skilled staff, will definitely provide a comfortable and relaxing stay. The personalized private services will never disappoint any visitor.

Ambient environment: Wangfujing Avenue, Beijing Art Museum, Quanjude Roast Duck, Da Dong Roast Duck, Yonghe Temple (Monastery of Harmony and Peace), Houhai Park, the Drum Tower, Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City, Beihai Park, the Central Academy of Drama, Nanluogu Lane.

Website: http://www.hansroyalgarden.com