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Shopping in Hangzhou

Shopping in Hangzhou

It is said that you will spend a lot of money when you are shopping in Hong Kong but not too much in Hangzhou. It is much cheaper in many department stores and brand stores of Hangzhou because discount is higher than other places. Consequently, Hangzhou is the favorite place for girls.

Local specialties like lotus root starch, silk parasol and tea are not satisfied for those who go for travel in Hangzhou. More and more fashionable things have attracted more people to travel in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Fashion women's dress of Wulin Road, Sijiqing clothing market, Hangzhou silk city will make women enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

Stores in Hangzhou are mainly gathered in Wulin business district and Hubin business district. There are many super stores in Wulin Square such as Hangzhou Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store and Yintai Department Store.

In the Hubin business district, there are Jiefang Road Department Store, Lixing Mingpin Square, West Lake Times Square, Hubin Road International Brand Street. With different kinds of goods, no matter rich or not, you can find what you want.