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West Street of Yangshuo

West Street of Yangshuo

At the center of Yangshuo County is West Street, which has a history of more than 1,400 years. It is considered the oldest street in Yangshuo. Since the 1980’s, this 517-meter long, 8-meter wide street has been a window into western culture because of the large number of foreign visitors. Each year, it receives about 100,000 visitors from other countries. They are attracted to West Street because of its unique mix of cultures.

West Street is paved with marbles and old architectures that are typical for south ern Chinas regions. This street is full of restaurants that are Chinese and Western style, handcraft and souvenir stores, snack stalls, Western bars, cafes, hotels with different styles, and so on. More than 20 of these establishments were opened by expatriates living in the area. They’re filled with a fascinating and charming mix of local and foreign traditions. It is particularly exciting in the evening with the lights on and music coming out of bars.

Almost everyone on West Street, regardless of age, or background speak some level of English. As a result, West Street is sometimes described as a “global village.” Do not be surprised if you hear an old Chinese woman speaking English here. Also, most stores have both Chinese and English signs in them.

West Street is a calm and peaceful street. It is the perfect place to relax. You can sit down, look around, or take a stroll along the street from the beginning to the end. At the end of the street you can see the Li River and beautiful mountains on the other side of it. West Street can drive away your stress and offer a chance to think about a new way of living.

There are many well-known restaurants on West Street. They include Meiyou (no) Café (The “no” implies that there are no warm beers, no poor service, and no rip-offs, and so on). You can taste famous local dishes there including beer fish, along with other dishes. Another restaurant that is well-known is called “Xiao ma de tian” (pony’s sky) which was opened by a French expat. There, you can enjoy western food. There are also other restaurants for you to have western food that include Cheese cake, banana cake, Italian coffee, lemon chicken, and so on.