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Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave (Lu Di Yan) is seven kilometers northwest of the center of Guilin. It is Guilin’s largest and most impressive cave. There used to be a rare reed growing outside of the cave which was ideal for making flutes. This is why it was named “Reed Flute Cave.” It is rated as  AAAA (the highest is 5A) for a scenic area.

This dripstone cave is 240 meters deep. It is like a magnificent and splendid underground palace filled with precious stones, corals and jades. The beautiful stalactites are created in a long process, which includes the dissolving of calcium carbonate within rocks in groundwater millions of years ago. Additionally, the residue deposited and accumulated, and later with riming it turned into a stalactite.

One legend it that a scholar came to visit Reed Flute Cave. He tried to compose a poem to praise the beauty of the cave. It took him so long to find the suitable words that he turned to a stone. Tourists began visiting the cave as early as the Tang Dynasty. There are 77 stone inscriptions that date back to the Tang Dynasty. Also, there is one grotto called the Crystal Palace of the Dragon King. It has the capacity to hold about 1000 people.

Although the cave is known as a “Palace of Natural Art,” artificial lighting is used to emphasize visual effects of the rock formations of birds, plants, and animals. The grotesque shapes in the caves create a breathtaking spectacle which is a feast for the eyes. International visitors have visited the Reed Flute Cave.

When you come out of the cave there are people selling reed flutes at a low price,  often as little as 1 Yuan each. You are also able to walk around the cave to see the rural scenery.