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Moon Hill

Moon Hill

Moon Hill (Yueliang shan) is one of the most famous tourists sites in Yangshuo. It lies in the southeast of Yangshuo County and takes less than an hour to get to by bike. Moon Hill is named after a natural semicircular hole shaped like a moon through the karst hill. From different angles the moon has different shapes, such as full moon, half-moon, and crescent; forming a spectacular view.

At 230 meters high it takes about 20 minutes to climb to the arch and a bit longer to reach the top. Standing on top of the Moon hill you’ll be able to get a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and karst hills. Moon Hill Village can be seen from Moon Hill’s peak. People from the village are very friendly. They may even invite you to lunch at their house.

You can also explore the caves in Moon Hill including the Black Buddha Cave, New Water Caves, and Black Dragon Cave. They are all natural wonders that will amaze you.

There are many routes to get to the top of Moon Hill. Some are challenging for professional climbers to do rock-climbing, while some are concrete paths for tourists.