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Impression Sister Liu San Jie

Impression Sister Liu San Jie

Impression Liu Sanjie is a fantastic folk musical directed by the world-famous Director Zhang Yimou. This musical is performed outdoors in a scenic setting on the Li River with a background of hills in Yangshuo County.

With about 600 local singers and dancers that are mostly from Zhuang, Yao, and Miao ethnic minorities, Impression Liu Sanjie has been performed almost every two or three nights since August 2003. This musical is a revolutionary performance and vision. The highlight of the performance is the dreamlike scenes with natural scenic backgrounds and creative decorative lighting. 

The musical is based on a story of a great female singer Liu Sanjie. She originally lived in Liuzhou City near Guilin and worked hard in the fields. Then, Liu Sanjie was already famous for her voice. She always sang while working in the fields to express injustice of local landowners that exploited hardworking farmers. Later, she had to leave Liuzhou for her safety and came to Yangshuo by a bamboo raft to settle there.

Liu Sanjie also sang to criticize the harshness of the landowners in Yangshuo. The landowners kidnapped her and she managed to escape after local farmers fought against the landowners. The farmers then suggested that the landowners not tax them any more if the farmers could sing better than the landowners. The farmers succeeded. The courage of Liu Sanjie has been praised for generations.

The venue of the one-hour performance is the largest natural theater in the world. It is located on a section of the Li River in Yangshuo and surrounded by 12 mountains,, It houses 2,000 seats in the auditorium from which the audience can see far. This grand folk musical show, with its magnificent background, artistic lighting, and celestial beauty, will take the anyones breath away.

Officials from the World Tourism Organization said after watching the musical, "This musical cannot be seen elsewhere in the world. It is even worth it to buy a round-trip ticket just to watch the performance."