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Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill lies on the bank of the Li River and is located northeast of Guilin City. With exquisite peaks rising up to 213 meters and half in the Li River, it is one of many well-known scenic areas in Guilin City.

The Fubo hill curbs river waves preventing the caves inside from flooding and creating a pool. Moreover, a temple in commemoration of General Fubo (translated as wave subduing) from the Han Dynasty was built in the Tang Dynasty, hence the name.

There are many tourist attractions inside the park including a huge iron pot named “Pot for a Thousand” that can prepare food for a thousand people. Additionally, there is a giant bell weighing 2,700 kilograms, Huanzhu (Pearl-Returning) Cave, Qianfo (Thousand-Buddha) Rock with the statues of Buddha and the carvings of many inscriptions left from the Tang Dynasty. Also, there is the Shijian (Sword-Testing) Stone on which it was said that General Fubo tested swords, and Tingtao (Listen-to-Waves) Pavilion at the half way of the Fubo Hill.

The Huanzhu (Pearl-Returning) Cave is composed of various side-caves. They are linked to form a labyrinth. The stalactite columns hang from the ceiling almost to the ground. Visitors appreciate the charming rocks, stalactites, Buddha statues and Shijian Stone. The Shijian Stone is a huge stone pillar hanging down from the ceiling like a sword.

Tingtao (Listen to waves) Pavilion is halfway up the top of the Fubo Hill. It gained its name because standing at the pavilion you can hear the waves rippling by the hill. Looking around on top of the Fubo Hill, you can get a good view of the Li River and other hills in downtown Guilin.