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Fishing Village of Xingping County

Fishing Village of Xingping County

Along the bank of the Li River and two kilometers away from Xingping County, is Fishing Village. It is the place where Sun Yat-sen (first president of the Republic of China) visited in 1921 and then U.S. President Bill Clinton visited in 1998. With a history of more than 500 years, Fishing Village was said to be a “land of wealth.” After the founding of the village in the Ming Dynasty many people from the village succeeded in the highest imperial civil service examinations and became wealthy officials later.

Most of the construction in the village maintain the Ming and Qing style and they have been well-preserved throughout the years. Row upon row of unique grey bricks, black tiles, steep roofs, fire seals, cornices, carved beams, and windows with carved designs remain. About 48 traditional residences are lined along the Li River. A variety of mountains stand on the other side as a protection to the small village.

Among the mountains, there is the Tianshui (sky water) Stronghold which was a strategic site. It is surrounded by cliffs and can only be entered by walking though a narrow path. There, two natural springs exist that appear to be endless. The villagers assume that the water comes from the sky, which is why the stronghold is called “Tianshui.” Dr. Sun Yat-sen spoke highly of the beautiful scenery when he set foot on Tianshui Stronghold.

When then U.S. president Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton went there they expressed their affection to the Fishing Village because of it’s traditional Chinese style and its simple and genuine features.