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Diecai Hill

Diecai Hill Guilin

Diecai Hill (Die cai shan) Park is located at the northeast of the center of Guilin and lies on the brink of the Li River. It is close to another tourist attraction in Guilin called Fubo Hill. It has an area of 2 square kilometers and consists mainly of Diecai Pavilion, Diecai Building, Mingyue (Bright Moon) Peak, Xianhe (Crane) Peak, Wind Cave, among others. Going up the hills inside the park is a pleasant experience because they are not  steep. 

Diecai is translated as “folded colors.” When a famous scholar named Yuan Zhen from the Tang Dynasty visited, he wrote “Diecai Travelogue.” It described the different colors in the mountains, hence the name Diecai. The park is renowned for its natural beauty, butterfly house, caves and birds.

When you enter the main gate of Diecai Hill Park a gallery of butterflies will catch your attention. This is because at the beginning of the park there is a Butterfly Spring. There, a huge artificial butterfly that is man-made awaits for you to take pictures. Next, there is the Butterfly Specimens House where butterfly specimens of more than a thousand types are exhibited. There are also other specimens, such as spiders, mantis, and strange bugs. Some of the specimens are on sale for tourists to obtain a souvenir.

After going up to the 223-meter Mingyue Peak which is the highest peak in Diecai Hill Park, you can get a good view of the Li River, the Duxiu Peak (Solitary Beauty Peak), Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill), and downtown Guilin. At the top of Mingyue Peak there is a Nayun (Catching Clouds) Pavilion. A poem reads that, “Standing on the peak of Mingyue Peak, the moon can be reached by hand with clouds hovering around you.”

The main cave in this park is the Wind Cave where there are many Buddhist carvings, inscriptions, poems and paintings. With an area of 140 square meters, it is 20 meters in length. This cave is special because it is open on both the south and north allowing the wind to come through, hence the name. The wind there is cool and fresh, but gentle. You’ll be full of energy once you’ve stood in the cave with wind blowing slightly in your face.

Inside the park there is an aviary filled with indigenous birds, full-grown trees, a pond, and a stone museum. Walking through the park while hearing birds singing may seem like you are in an enchanted forest.