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Gary from America

Gary from America


I just left a lengthy review on TripAdvisor.  Too bad it is hidden under Guilin.  I wish people who searched just for china private tour would see it!!  Hope you read it and enjoy. 

I will be happy to communicate with people who want to travel with you. I will shortly send you pictures as soon as I have time to load them on my computer and email to you. I took over 500 pictures in China!!!

Still have not received the suit made in Xi’an, hopefully Robbie has sent it off. If you have any further word, that would be helpful.

Gary from America

I have also mentioned your company to a few colleagues and they may be calling you shortly- I have told them to give my name as a referral so you will recognize them.  A few of them are not traveling soon so it may be a little while. 


Gary from America Tailor-made a China Tour to Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai.

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