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About your tour guide

about China Culture Tour guides

Your tour guide is an important companion on your trip as you will spend eight hours together every day. In fact, your tour guide, to some extent, determines the quality of your trip. To give you a better understanding of the tour guides that China Culture Tour provides for you, and help us to give you the best possible match, we offer the following suggestions:

1. Preference

Please tell us what type of tour guide you prefer, eg whether you prefer male or female, young or mature, talkative or quieter, and any other requests. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

2. Principles

Our tour guides provide you with meticulous service on the basis of mutual respect, and look forward to encouraging friendships with people from around the world.

3. Tour guides and China Culture Tour

The tour guides we provide for you all qualified as tour guides after strict training and screening. Although they are not directly subordinate to us, they have all established long-term cooperative partnerships with us and they know and carry forward the core values of China Culture Tour, and ensure the quality of our services. We endeavor to standardize the management systems of our travel agencies in different cities to ensure quality services wherever you go. We actively exchange views, and review feedback with our tour guides in the hope of improving our services.

4. The social status of tour guides

Normally, tour guides are young people with great enthusiasm and passion. They like communicating with people and can find their own niches in certain fields. Traditionally tour guides do not enjoy the same social status as lawyers, teachers, doctors and government officials. They are, however, unique. They love freedom and stand ready to introduce traditional Chinese culture to friends from afar. While providing you with meticulous service, they also achieve self-actualization. Frankly speaking, they work very hard to make a living, have already studied foreign languages, and their own culture in depth. Thus they deserve your due respect.

5. Tips for the guides and drivers

It is customary to tip the guide and driver in the travel industry in China, depending on the service. Tipping is expected , though not compulsory. The tips you offer depend on the degree to which you are satisfied with your tour guide and driver. Here are some suggestions for your reference: 30-40 USD per day for a group of 1-5 people; 50-60 USD per day for a group of 6-9 people; 6-10 USD per person for a group of 10 people or more. Normally tips for the drivers are half those of the tour guides. If you are quite satisfied with the service you can tip more, which will be a pleasant surprise to your driver and tour guide.

6. Feedback form

You will be given a white envelope by your tour guide when you first meet. This contains an evaluation survey from China Culture Tour to help improve our service. We hope that you can find the time from your busy schedule to fill out the form and return it to your tour guide, who will submit it to our service department.

7. Your advice for the tour guides

China Culture Tour genuinely welcomes your suggestions for improving our services. We will be more than delighted to hear your advice with regard to the attitude of our tour guides and the quality of our services.

8. Praise your tour guide by sending us an email

Although you may have provided a feedback form, you can still praise your tour guide by sending us an email if you are quite satisfied with the services you receive. China Culture Tour will set such a tour guide as a shining example for others to follow, and at the same time, reward him/her accordingly.

9. Service time

Tour guides normally work eight hours a day. In fact they work extra hours as necessary. As our customers, you decide whether you want to end your daily trip ahead of schedule and return to the hotel or if you want to spend more time in a particular place. So the working hours of the tour guides are pretty much dependent on your call. Always bear in mind that you have the final say in the trip. Don't simply follow the tour guides.

10. Tour guide and travel consultant

A tour guide can be seen as the coordinator between the customers (travelers) and travel consultants. Normally, the tour guide represents both the travel consultant and China Culture Tour. Whatever you encounter in your trip, you can always contact your tour guide, and then ask him/her to call your travel consultant to see what can be done to help you. If you need to make major changes to your itinerary, then a signature is required.