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Health Information for Travelers to China

travel health in China

Whether you are from the U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia, or other countries, the following health information is provided for reference. Some travelers may easily catch cold or suffer from diarrhea during their trip. The reason why they may catch cold could be that they are not fully prepared for changing weather conditions; they may suffer from diarrhea may be a result of failing to adapt to the local natural environment. So we suggest you read the following tips and consult your doctor so as to be fully prepared for your trip to China.


1. Make an appointment with your doctor and take a physical test to see if you are in the required physical condition for traveling.

2. Bring your medical records with you in case of an emergency. If you should see a doctor during your trip, the medical records will be a big help in the diagnosis and treatment of your illness.

3. Bring some commonly-used medicines with you in case of diarrhea, carsickness and mosquito bites.

4. If you intend to bring some medicines with you, you are expected to know whether or not they are prohibited in China.

5. We suggest that those travelers dependent on wheelchairs bring their own wheelchairs, some hotels do not provide wheelchairs.

6. Bring clothes and items that will protect you from both sun and rain.

Health Information for Travelers to China: