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Recommended Clothing

recommended clothing while traveling in China


In late February temperatures usually range from -1℃ to 10℃. We suggest you bring thermal footwear and socks, thermal underwear, and a warm coat or down jacket. Children and the elderly should wear hats or caps.


In March, the average temperature is around 10℃. In the mornings and at night it is usually cooler, ranging from 4℃ to 6℃; at noon it can be quite warm, ranging from 15℃ to 18℃. In some places, the temperature can drop below 0℃ during this month. Given the difference between day and night time temperatures, you will need a warm coat in the morning and at night, and wear less if you are outdoors at noon.


In April, it is warming up with the coming of spring. It is usually cooler in the morning and at night, and quite warm at noon. So we suggest you wear a jacket in the morning and at night, and wear a lighter coat if you are outdoors at mid-day. By the end of April, you can even find people in T-shirts.


It is quite warm in May. If you visit the northern part of China, you can simply bring some T-shirts and light jackets with you. We also recommend you bring sneakers and light socks.

June to October

You can wear T-shirts, sandals and light pants from June to October. Remember to bring clothes that will protect you from sunburn.

October to November

The weather conditions are changeable from late October to November. It is usually cooler in the morning and at night while hot at noon. So bring some T-shirts, light coats, pants and sneakers with you.

December to January

It gets colder and colder from December to January. The temperature will drop to below 0℃ in the northern part of China. And it starts to snow in many places with the temperature being around -5℃. Bring thermal underwear, caps, down jackets, scarves and thermal footwear with you. Though it seldom snows in the southern part of China, the temperature can be quite low.