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packing list for China tour

Important travel items



International airline luggage



When you make a packing list we suggest that you rate everything in order of importance, think it over, and reduce it to what is really necessary. It's good to travel light! It helps to learn as much as you can about your destinations, such as the weather, food, usual dress, shops and availability of common items, medical risks including infectious diseases, local conditions for walking/touring, and then amend your packing list accordingly.

Try not to take oversized bags and ensure that your bag is the appropriate size for the length of your tour, can be locked and has wheels.

Ensure that your carry-on bag has secure space for important items such as passport, cash, credit card, etc.

Prepare a small backpack for your child if necessary.

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Important travel items:

The following are vital, you cannot travel without them. You may also need to be able to access any of them throughout your tour. At the risk of stating the obvious, it's worth doing a last minute check before you leave home, to make sure that you have them all with you.

  • 1. Passport, visa, credit card , and copies
  • 2. Driving license, and copy
  • 3. Air tickets that you have booked yourself, and copy
  • 4. Travel related health certificates, medical record with your doctor's contact information, and copies
  • 5. Travel insurance documents and Insurance assistance card, and copy
  • 6. Some cash, credit card (if you just need to pay tips, dinners, and a little shopping, then USD100-150 per day per person is enough. The amount of cash that a visitor is allowed to bring with when entering China should not exceed 5000 USD.) Read more about money tips
  • 7. China Culture Tour confirmation letter printed
  • 8. Contacts of your family, friends, travel consultant, guides, etc.

Copies of important materials: we suggest that you carry them with you, separately from the originals, as well as store them online, eg Gmail or cloud server, etc.


If you prefer not to use those available in your hotels, please think about bringing the following articles with you. You may consider purchasing some when you are in China in order to reduce your baggage.

  • 1. Toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, and other oral requisites
  • 2. Cleansers, body and hand creams
  • 3. Sun protection, eg sunglasses, sun cream, lip crème
  • 4. Rain protection, eg umbrella and raincoat
  • 5. Female and/or male hygiene products
  • 6. Disposable toilet seat pads
  • 7. Waterless hand wash/sanitizer and/or handwipes
  • 8. Clothing suitable for the weather, more about weather and clothing
  • 9. Swim suit if you plan to use hotel swimming pools. Some hotels insist also on bathing caps.
  • 10. Plastic bags for used clothing such as underwear.

Water from taps, river, pool, etc. at any place is not drinkable. You can drink boiled water at your hotel or restaurant, or buy bottles of mineral water. Clean bottled drinking water is provided at good hotels and restaurants.


Usually, your personal travel consultant will send you weather information based on the records for the places you will be visiting, to help you select what clothes to bring.

  • 1. Leisurewear to stay relaxed and comfortable during your tour
  • 2. Clothes that can be easily washed and dried, not too heavy
  • 3. One suit or formal dress if necessary (eg Yangtze cruise or meeting friends)
  • 4. Light raincoat and umbrella
  • 5. Sunhat, sunglasses and sun block
  • 6. Comfortable walking shoes

Read more about the weather in China


Some medicines cannot be brought to China unless they have been prescribed by a doctor. Therefore you will need to ensure that the packaging shows it is a prescription medicine, and have a copy of the prescription, to avoid problems at Customs, or if you need to replace any medicines. It helps to have a medical letter listing your medicines. You may like to include:

  • 1. Some medicines for flu, sore throat, coughing, diarrhea
  • 2. Aspirin, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamines
  • Additional Information

    1. 1. Information regarding what routine vaccinations are required: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/diseases/routine. Make sure that you are up to date, and it helps to carry a vaccination certificate or have the information included in the letter from your doctor listing your medications.
    2. 2. The Travel Health page provides useful information and you can find a suggested First Aid Kit Packing List at http://gochina.about.com/od/tripplanning/a/FirstAidKit.htm
    3. 3. Information about Health Concerns & Medical Needs: http://gochina.about.com/od/tripplanning/p/Medical.htm
    4. 4. Information about water and food safety: http://gochina.about.com/od/whattoeat/p/Water_Food.htm

    Electronic products:

    If you are thinking of buying some electronic products, we strongly recommend you think about those we picked up from amazon.com. We suggest that you bring:

    • 1. A power converter and wall plug adapters. The electrical system in China operates at 220 volts
    • 2. Razor
    • 3. Camera with extra batteries, and chargers for your electronic products
    • 4. Ipad and charger
    • 5. Kindle for reading
    • 6. Cell phone

About international airline luggage

Most Airlines have similar policies on luggage with minor variations. Check with your international airline about their policies and restrictions before departing. You will find that the Chinese domestic airline policies are also similar.

Some examples are:

Read more information about luggage on China domestic airlines