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Our offer does not cover your international air tickets, but we can book round-trip tickets for you. We charge a booking fee of 100 USD for each ticket. If you need to change or cancel your flight, you will need to contact the airline company direct to go through relevant procedures.

Normally, during your stay in China, we book economy class tickets for you, there is nothing special about these tickets.

The following provides a general guide to baggage allowances on domestic flights within China. Please note that there are minor variations between the different airlines, and if you are unsure, please ask your travel consultant. However allowances are generally higher, not lower than international ones.

Checked luggage (free allowance – each bag normally 100cm x 60cm x 40cm)

  • All checked bags to be within 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • First class: 40kg (2 bags)
  • Business class: 30kg (2 bags)
  • Economy/premium economy: 20kg (1 bag)
  • Child fare: 10 kg + stroller or bassinet
  • No piece should weigh more than 32 kg (according to international standards) – that limit is lower on some domestic airlines.
  • Charges for overweight checked luggage

Excess baggage

Excess baggage charges apply outside the above limits to a maximum of 52 kg per passenger. Charges vary between airlines. A general guide is 1.5% of adult economy fare per extra kg of baggage. Alternatively some airlines permit the purchase of an additional seat ("block seat") to transport bulky/valuable or fragile items. This requires prior arrangement at least 48 hours prior to departure, maximum of 75kg, needs to be able to fit safely on the seat without interfering with other passengers, and is charged at full fare for that seat.

Cabin/carry-on luggage

  • Each bag normally 55cm×44cm×20cm maximum, and 5kg
  • Some domestic airlines permit bags up to 7kg
  • First class: Usually 2 bag
  • Business /Economy class: 1 bag

In addition, a baby pushchair or bassinet is normally permitted, as well as cane or crutches, a lady's handbag, coat/wrap/blanket, computer, food for consumption during the flight in disposable packaging, a reasonable amount of duty-free items and umbrella.

NOTE that as with international flights sharp items such as knives, scissors and so on will be confiscated.

More China Travel Tips

Infant and children: For domestic airlines, an infant ticket costing 10% of the adult fare is required for babies less than 2 years old. Children aged between 2 and 12 years old should buy a child ticket which cost 50% of the adult fare.

Checked luggage: excess charges are normally 1.5% of a full adult economy-class airfare per 1kg.

Valuables: Cash, important files, fragile items, jewelry and other valuables are forbidden in checked luggage. The airlines will not pay compensation for loss or damage to any of these in checked luggage, observing only common checked luggage liability.

Lithium batteries that are used in electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. cannot be consigned as checked luggage, but can be taken aboard in carry-on luggage. Usually you can bring two spare batteries in your hand luggage.

Liquids: No passengers are allowed to carry liquids in their hand luggage such as water, milk, etc. Mothers may bring a feeding bottle and some milk powder in hand luggage, which can be prepared in the airport lounge or inside the aircraft where boiled water is available.

Cosmetics: Passengers may bring some cosmetics in their hand luggage, each one less than 100 ml in volume, and no more than 1L in total. Anything more must be included in your checked luggage. Your cosmetics must be put in a small separate plastic bag for inspection.

Alcohol is forbidden in your hand luggage. In checked luggage there are no limits for wine with an alcoholic strength below 24%. A maximum of 5L is allowed for any wine or spirit with an alcoholic strength between 24% and 70%. Liquids with an alcoholic strength over 70% are forbidden.

Note that the information above covers most airline rules. There may be variations between airlines, and we suggest that you contact your personal travel consultant for exact information about your airlines if you have any questions or concerns.

Train Travel

In China, traveling by train is not quite as comfortable, so we do not recommend that you take a train in China unless you really want to give it a shot. If you do want to travel by train, we recommend that you take a high speed one. From Xi'an to Luoyang, it takes 90 minutes by high speed railway; from Shanghai to Hangzhou, 1 hour; from Shanghai to Suzhou, 30 minutes; from Hangzhou to Suzhou, 90 minutes. If you have a lot luggage with you, we do not recommend that you take the high speed train or bullet train as they are less convenient than airplanes.

Luggage allowance on the train:

  • Ordinary passenger: luggage should weigh no more than 20 kilograms
  • Children: luggage should weigh no more than 10 kilograms
  • Diplomatic officials: luggage should weigh no more than 35 kilograms
  • For each of the item, the size should be L+W+H ≤160 cm/piece (130cm/piece on the bullet train)