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Recreation in Chongqing

Recreation in Chongqing

Recreation in Chongqing

The Chongqing people like the spicy Chongqing hotpot and they are passionate as well as enthusiastic. Places of entertainment are scattered across the streets and lanes of Chongqing.

Being tired after exploring all day, you can relax in the steamy sauna room. If you’re a fan of traditional operas, you can enjoy the Sichuan opera by singing it at KTV. If you’re a fan of music, you can take a sip of the fragrant tea while appreciating the famous songs domestically and abroad at bars. Also, if you want to amuse yourself, you can show your talents at dancing halls, bowling halls, billiard halls or at the ice-skating center.

The Deyi Recreational World

The Yuzhong District is the place of choice for entertainment in Chongqing, amongst which the Deyi recreational world and Nanbin Road Bar Street near the Liberation Monument are the most ideal places.

A myriad of fashionable recreational places as KTV boxes, clubs and bars, together with a multitude of western restaurants and teahouses, all gather in the Deyi Recreational World. Among them, SOHO Bar, Huigui Bar, Cotton Bar and Falling Bar are the most famous. SOHO Bar has long witnessed booming business and reservations should be made in advance since seats are reserved on the weekends and holidays.

The Deyi Recreational World is a luxurious place. If you drink all night in a box, it’ll cost you only about 1,000 RMB. A dozen beers are around 250 RMB.