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Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs

Also known as the “13 Tombs”, this is the burial site of 13 Emperors of the Ming Dynasty. The tombs are located at the Tianshou Mountain of Changping District. The first tomb, “Changling Tomb” was built in 1409 and the last, “Siling Tomb” was constructed in 1644. Altogether, there are now 13 Emperors’ tombs, 23 Empresses, 2 Princes and about 30 concubines, and eunuchs.

Covering a total area of about 120 square kilometers, the scenery around the Ming Tombs is spectacular. This area is reputed be valuable land with good geomantic omens. The 13 tombs are those of Changling, Xianling, Jingling, Yuling, Maoling, Tailing, Kangling, Yongling, Zhaoling, Dingling, Qingling, Deling, and Xiling.

Actually, there were 16 Emperors in the Ming Dynasty, and you may well wonder why there are only 13 of them buried here. This is because the first Ming Emperor was buried in Nanjing. The second disappeared and the seventh is buried in Yuquan Mountain in Beijing. Thus, there are only 13 tombs.

In 2003, the Ming Tombs were listed as a World Heritage Site mainly due to its specially-selected site. Tourists can enjoy the surrounding scenery while appreciating the layout of the tombs.