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Dazhalan Ancient Street

Dazhalan Ancient Street

Dazhalan is a famous commercial ancient street in the center of Beijing, south of Tiananmen Square. It is 275 meters long from east to west. With a history of about 500 years, it has now been developed into a commercial street with about 40 stores and 11 traditional businesses.

The name of the street “Dazhalan” dates back to the Ming Dynasty when there was a night curfew in Beijing. To prevent robbers and thieves from hiding in the streets, wooden fences (zha lan) were set up along them. This hutong is famous for its unique fences, thus its name “Dazhalan.”

Dazhalan Street was a busy commercial street from the Yuan to Qing Dynasty. In 1900, the street had gone up in flames by the Eight-Power Allied Forces. After being rebuilt, the street restored its commercial business. Today, the average flow of customers on Dazhalan Street is 160,000.

This narrow street is a host to many of Beijing’s most famous shops and traditional lines of business including, Tong Ren Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop, Zhang Yi Yuan Tea Shop, Ma Juyuan Hat Store, Nei Liansheng Cotton Shoes Shop, and the Rui Fu Xiang Silk Shop and so on. There are also shops where you can buy various items including, leather and fur stores, a branch of Tianjin’s famous Gou Bu Li fast food restaurant and the famous Liu Biju Pickles Shop. The earliest movie theater to be built here is the “Daguan Lou Pavilion” which is also located in Dazhalan Street.