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Beijing 798 Art Zone

Beijing 798 Art Zone

With an area of 230,000 square meters, Beijing 798 Art Zone is located in the 718 Factory of Beijing Seven-Star Science and Technology Co., LTD., Jiuxianqiao Road, Dashanzi Area, Chaoyang District. The 718 factory was originally an electronic device factory. Later, it was developed into many factories including the 706, 707, 718, and 798 and so on. Lastly, it was named The Beijing Seven-Star Science and Technology Co., LTD. There, you can rent some factory rooms and many artists are attracted to the location and unique architectural design. It was gradually developed into art galleries, art studios, and fashion stores and so on. Since artists first moved into the 789 Factory this art zone was named 798 Art Zone.

This art zone was developed from the extra space of an industrial building. The 798 Art Zone has become the exhibition center for Chinese culture and art. History and reality, industry and art fit perfectly in this Art Zone. The 798 Art Zone is characterized as follows: mottled red-brick wall,scattered industrial plants, crisscross pipelines, different aged slogans on the wall, uniformed workers and fashionable visitors form unique scenery.

The 798 Art Zone is composed of a variety of galleries, art studios, fashion stores, and restaurants, among other outlets. In the 798 Art Zone, there are nearly 400 cultural organizations from many countries including, France, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other regions. The 798 Art Zone has become an influential cultural and creative area nationally and internationally.

Many important international art exhibitions, art activities and fashion shows are held in the 798 Art Zone. Many dignities and celebrities have paid a visit to the 798 Art Zone, including Prime Ministers and Presidents from many countries. Countless famous international brands like Sony, Motorola, West Wasted, Dior, Omega, BMW, and Chinese Yahoo held promotions in the 798 Art Zone.

In 2003, the 798 Art Zone was ranked by Times magazine in the U.S. as one of the most culturally symbolic urban art zones in the world. The same year, the Newsweek magazine in the U.S. listed Beijing as the world's top 12 cities and it was only because the 798 Art Zone is in Beijing. It is believed that the 789 Art Zone will lead Beijing to a brighter future development.