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Reliable & Responsible China Tour Operator Cooperation

Reliable & Responsible China Tour Operator Cooperation

Why CCT Now Accepts Agencies?

At the very beginning CCT does not will to work with travel agencies because of the lower profit damages the tour service quality. CCT knows that some tour operators offer a very lower price to get the groups by adding shopping stops, detours or compulsory night activities that make the travelers feel uncomfortable and disappointed. It damages the once - in - a - lifetime journey and unforgivable.

Now some travel agencies will to pay the reasonable cost to insure the travelers can enjoy an unforgettable journey and will work with CCT. Therefore CCT accepts travel agency cooperation selectively.

CCT partners are from USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Czech, Russia, etc. Contact CCT if your clients are seeking for high-quality service and a once - in - a - lifetime journey!

For Travel Agency Cooperation

Phone number: +86 773 5835179 | Email: cooperation@chinaculturetour.com