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Philanthropic plan

China Culture Tour Philanthropic Plan

Philanthropic Plan Both Morgen and Grace, the founders of China Culture Tour, grew up in China's rural areas. Their parents had undergone the ordeals resulting from World War II and foreign aggression, and then witnessed an impoverished and enfeebled China that faced the dreadful prospect of civil war. After experiencing widespread famine, they welcomed the self-sufficient life resulting from subsequent land reform and eventually they embraced the new era that followed reform, and appreciated the opening this offered them to provide educational opportunities for their children.

Morgen and Grace were brought up in rural areas, and are truly grateful that they were given access to a decent life, which would not have been possible without their parents' hard toil. Therefore they recognize an obligation to do as much as they can to establish connections with, and extend a helping hand to those in need of help.

Between 70% and 80% of the children in China live in rural areas, and most of their parents have to work in the cities to support their families, which contributes to the fact that at least half of these children are left at Home. Most of them start to hunt for jobs after graduating from middle school. In other words, the overwhelming majority of the children in rural areas do not have the opportunity to go to high school, let alone college. They are desperately in need of the basic facilities and equipment for study, such as decent classrooms and teaching materials. The situation is much worse in the remote and mountainous areas.

Some tourists intend to visit remote areas in China, and bring donations of books, stationery and sport facilities. They can also encourage local children by sharing positive examples and individual success stories. In this way the children are motivated to aspire and to work hard to achieve their goals in life. Reading provides additional encouragement and wisdom, and increases their chances of future success.

We welcome your involvement. It would be enough if you can inspire the children by giving them a lecture or a speech. As for material support, if you wish you can donate books (autobiographies) and stationery. Of course, you can also build a library for the local children and donate voluminous books. Such a generous act is bound to make a difference.

You can also refer to our philanthropic itineraries to design your own trip to China. Give children a hand!