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The reason why we brand ourselves as CHINA CULTURE TOUR is that we endeavor to give you a unique cultural experience. China has long been known as an ancient civilization with a time-honored history over thousands of years. During your stay in China you will find that everything you see has rich and far-reaching cultural implications, from an architectural complex to rediscovered cultural relics, from a piece of porcelain to an ancient mausoleum. Here you will be blessed with an opportunity to set foot on the most beautiful and serene land you have ever known, where different ethnic groups from distinctive cultures and history live side by side in harmony. Here you can also choose a Chinese-style hotel or a Chinese-style restaurant to indulge yourself with scrumptious Chinese delicacies. Here, wherever you go, you will always be able to witness, taste, rest and immerse yourself in our unique Chinese culture. So we hope that we, China Culture Tour, can take you on an authentic exploration of unique Chinese cultures.