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Our expectation

China Culture Tour expectation

We treat you with all sincerity as we would treat any of our friends and hope that you can treat us likewise. We hope that you will:

  • Respect local customs and beliefs
  • Abide by Chinese laws and regulations
  • Respect those who provide you with service and everyone around you
  • Tell us how you feel about your trip so that we can improve our service
  • Protect the local environment without leaving behind any contaminants
  • Fully embrace a satisfactory Chinese culture tour

Starting  from the departure, we treat you as dear guests from far western culture, and will try all the best to show you a true China, her unparalleled historical treasure and modern development momentum. We intend to design customized itineraries according to different groups' interests and preferences. Our basic principle is to make your trip not only a wonderful sightseeing experience, but also a learning experience by focusing on history, oriental arts, traditional customs and local community interaction.

We look forward to becoming your lifelong friend, though we may be miles apart. If you are satisfied with our service, we hope you recommend us, as genuine operators who care, to your friends who are planning a trip to China or recommend us on the Internet.