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Our difference

Difference of China Culture Tour

We have visited most destinations and know them well

Each year we undertake a minimum of two tours to different destinations to visit the sights, meet our guides, check out our itinerary arrangements, visit hotels, eat in some social restaurants, and explore some of the cultural experiences. In other words, we check the details ourselves so we can ensure that our coming travelers will have the tour of a life time.

When we visit a destination we spend time with our local experts, take tours with them, and especially talk about 'insider' tours and new ideas. We have lunch/dinner together, share tour arrangement ideas; we often contact and exchange ideas with our experts even when we are in the office.

We never arrange a "tourism" restaurant for our clients but well-chosen social ones with local features. We visit some of the luxury hotels, analyze reviews from internet and do all we can to ensure that they offer excellent service and good downtown locations.

We treat you like a friend

We treat each of our travelers as a friend, not a stranger, because we offer you a reasonable quote with our best advice, no hidden costs. We never arrange a very late or very early flight unless your schedule requires it; you can contact us at any time by email or phone for any help or questions; when your tour destination includes Guilin, where is our office located, we will welcome you and show you around.